Rozhovor s Amenem a Kitou na youtube

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Zase Kita s Amenem. Se objevily v USA na Artisan News

A tady je co říkali :

v Deadache Idea Old

[Kita] "It's an old title. We had that song back in the '90s already, a song called 'Deadache', and our singer, Mr. Lordi, he thought that he made that up, that whole word. Like, headache and deadache, but he heard it actually means something." [Mr. Amen] "It actually, the title, it means something. Actually we had sixty songs to choose from and we picked out fifteen songs. We didn't think any (musical) directions or anything, we just did what we have." [Kita] "Usually we don't think (laughs)" [Amen] "We do what feels good with it."

a v On Benefits And Drawbacks Of Costumes

[Amen] "It's always great when you put the costume on. We are rock stars. If you don't feel like being a rock star, on Sundays we can take the costume off and go to the local store and local malls and buy some milk and go back home and no one knows you. No one disturbs you. No one asks for any autographs or anything, so it's a blessing for us." [Kita] "Every time it's a little more work than normal bands, but at the same time we have the most die-hard fans you can ever imagine because of these outfits. People they are like... I'm a huge Kiss fan, and why I'm a huge Kiss fan is because I love, especially the '70s era because they look different. That's why you become so obsessed with it. We also have pretty scary fans that follow you because they are so obsessed with us because of this. So, it's worth it, even if it's a little more hard work."
They added,
[Amen] "And if you're thinking about bad sides, playing live is not so easy in these costumes. I of course play better guitar when I'm naked." [Kita] "That is the official explanation of why I sucked today (laughs)." [Amen] "I use that a lot (laughs)."

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můžeš sem dá t překlad?

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